eMentalist - Chatbot

Task: Develop an informative android chat bot application, which is capable more than just chatting but also can inform users efficiently with charts.

nexus 6p mock up

- Text and speech input and output
- Suggested phases
- SmartReply
- Filters in charts activity
- Push notification

API.AI, a machine learning platform, is used to make the conversation naturally and delightful.
RESTHeart api was provided as a way to retrieve information from the server.
MPAndroidChart a library, used to display charts.
And the rest are Android.

Design: The design is clean, simple and intuitive. The app consists of 3 activities, MainActivity(chat page), ChartActivity and Preferences(settings).

  • Date

    April, 2017
  • Client

  • Categories

    UI, UX, Android, RestApi

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